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We are here to help you get in to great shape both through our one to one personal training in Halifax and through our range of training programmes and diets which you can use at a fraction of the cost of one to one training.

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Jago HolmesHi there

From the desk of Jago Holmes…

3 April, 2016 

 And the warmest of welcomes to our website.

 My name is Jago Holmes and I am the principal trainer here at New Image Personal Training inHalifax, UK. Welcome to our site.

There’s quite a lot to see, I hope you’ll find something that is of interest to you.

We are here to help you get in to great shape both through our one to one personal training in Halifax and through our range of training programmes and diets which you can use at a fraction of the cost of one to one training. You can check them out here on the right, there may be something that suits your needs.


If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us.




Red Check Mark  Are you uncomfortable exercising in a gym because of your weight or shape?

Red Check Mark  Do you want to lose weight quickly and look and feel healthier?

Red Check Mark  Do you lack time, motivation and the energy for regular exercise?

Red Check Mark  Would you prefer to train on your own in an exclusive fitness studio with your own trainer?

Red Check Mark  Has your doctor advised you to increase your activity level and improve your diet?

If so you need us!

We’re Calderdales leading personal trainers and you will receive the highest quality one to one training in your own home, at work, outdoors or in our exclusive personal training studio here in Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK

Our trainers are qualified fitness professionals who are enthusiastic and dedicated. All of whom receive regular training sessions in new techniques, ideas and equipment. We can help you achieve success in any of the following areas

  • Weight loss
  • Improved tone and definition
  • To look good for a specific event such as a wedding or holiday
  • Rehabilitation
  • Gain more energy and stress relief
  • Improve your fitness

Personal training in Halifax with New Image is the best way to actually reach your goals, whilst allowing you to enjoy your training with a range of activities on offer to keep you refreshed and challenged.


Our professional Personal Trainers at New Image provide expert knowledge and positive motivation to guide both individuals or small groups through a progressive fitness programme, rather than just being “rep counters.”


Your progress is constantly monitored and evaluated by your trainer to ensure your fitness develops safely and effectively. The result is that you are self motivated and have the confidence to take responsibility of your own health and well being whether you want to run a 10k, enter a half ironman or just lose weight after having a baby.

I now find myself looking forward to exercising and actively making time to try new forms of exercise and planning sessions in advance….I have found both the Tuesday and the Wednesday sessions equally helpful and have really enjoyed the company of the group we are in , which I think has helped make the sessions very enjoyable and motivational. Nicola has managed to make her fitness sessions both challenging and enjoyable and her good humour, enthusiasm and fitness set a great example to us all


My aim was to improve my knowledge about diet and fitness. (I could run almost 100 metres without stopping!). I have lost over a stone in weight, I run four miles in a session and am increasing my distance and speed weekly. I work out two or three times a week, which I enjoy very much and get a great deal of satisfaction. It has been hard work and without my trainers encouragement I would not have succeeded. I will always be grateful to New Image for helping me through this lifestyle change. It is now up to me to keep it up


Well, after an initial shaky, and rather embarrassing start, what a great 12 weeks! Starting off with a country walk in week one, I could not believe just how unfit I was. There was lots of positive encouragement from Jago. So, onto the last week. 11 weeks have passed, and what a healthier, fitter and happier person I now feel, and raring to continue with the new improved me! Thanks Jago


I wanted to lose some weight, the time frame was short because I was going on holiday in six weeks. Jago cheerfully announced that if I followed his regime I would definitely lose one stone in six weeks. He was right, the exercises were hard but always achievable. The weekly weigh ins were thrilling when I had lost some weight but I felt deflated on the times when the scale needle didn’t go down. However that sinking feeling only lasted seconds as Jago was always there looking over my shoulder rabbiting positive words in my ear and giving more encouragement. Again he was right! The six-week weigh in and I and lost exactly one stone. Amazing! The healthy and sensible diet continued and the final stage of my fitness programme started. The final results were staggering


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